Group discussion is a part of the hiring procedure applied by almost all the organizations to select an ideal candidate for a particular job role.

Group discussion is used to help students to understand a topic or concept deeply which will stay for a long time in their minds. It is also used to hone communication skills as it can encourage students to become more confident in speaking up and asking questions. The discussion means to form a basis for action, or just to play with ideas, it gives all members of the group a chance to speak their opinions, to agree or disagree with others, and to have their thoughts heard.


How to ace Group Discussion?

Group Discussions are a popular method used for recruitment, admission procedures, or any such candidate selections. Be it a company, hospital, B-school, etc. GDS is conducted to save time and strike off unsuitable candidates quickly. The purpose of a discussion is to help each group member explore and discover a text through interaction with other people. Here are some tips that can gain you an extra mark in a GD:


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1. Introduce the topic:

While your fellow mates take more time reflecting on the topic given, you can simply introduce the topic to the group. That fetches you an extra plus point.


2. Maintain Eye-Contact: 

It’s important to maintain eye-contact during a group discussion with not just the person you are speaking to but also the other candidates.


3. Be open-minded: 

Everyone has their own set of beliefs and values. During a GD, perceptions of two people may not match. Simply accepting the views would help in avoiding a street brawl.


4. Confidence: 

You have to be cheerful, positive, and presentable throughout the discussion. Don’t fumble in your speech. Sit with a straight posture, stay firm in your convictions.


5. Be the Timekeeper: 

A GD is generally for 15 minutes. Keeping a check on time, starting and ending at the exact time as instructed depicts your punctuality and can again fetch you an extra mark.


How to ace a group discussion

6. Give chances: 

Discussions are meant to be more with the team and less on an individual level. There will be people who would either speak more or speak less. Give the ones speaking less a chance to express the ideas. That gains you a plus point.


7. Listen More, Speak at the Right Time: 

Listening to the conversation is one way to add value to your knowledge. It also helps you to know the direction in which the discussion is headed. You can save the best words for the right time and bang, the ball’s in your court. 


8. Center of attention: 

It is indeed essential to grab the attention of the moderators. Position yourself in such a way that you are visible to them. The moderators will be able to record your responses even when you are not speaking.


9. Conclude: 

Many times the moderator can choose a specific person to conclude. But if he doesn’t, try to conclude within the time limits. Remember not to add any new point and assimilate everyone’s point.


10. Group Discussion is not a debate: 

The last thing that is required to remember is that “It’s NOT A DEBATE”.So try not to fight and go against each other. Moreover, maintain the language.


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Importance of Group Discussion 

Group Discussions are part of the standard selection processes for many competitive / entrance examinations. Group Discussion plays an important role to get hold of the final appointment letter in any job selection process. Your final selection is completely based on rounds of Group Discussion. Let us discuss some of the major do’s and don’ts which will help you ace a group discussion: 


Dos and Don’ts of participating in Group Discussion: 

Before participating in a Group Discussion, several questions keep hovering in your mind. You must be wanting to know what actions and gestures can get you positive points and what can cost you the selection. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts while participating in GD: 


Dos of participating in a Group Discussion

  • Listen to the subject carefully. 
  • Listen to others if you don’t know the subject.
  • Put down your thoughts on paper. 
  • Listen to others if you don’t know the subject. 
  • Give others a chance to speak.


Don’ts of participating in a Group Discussion: 

  • Over speak, intervene, and snatch other’s chances to speak.
  • Argue and shout during the GD.
  • Talk irrelevant things and distract the discussion.
  • Mention erratic statistics.
  • Display of gestures signifying low confidence levels.


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